Longlands Gap Road, Wondecla, QLD 4887, Australia | Tel: +61 439 519 442
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My name is Sarah Holt and I am an independent  
saddle-fitter servicing the Cairns and Townsville  
regions. I am an accredited Bates and Wintec  
Cair specialist but I fit and adjust (where  
possible) all brands of saddles.
What I do

I'm an independent trained saddle-fitter, I advise on saddle fit and can complete saddle  
adjustments on site and I'm also a qualified equine massage therapist with over 10 years  

My aim is to build a 'library' of good quality 2nd hand saddles for my clients to 'try  
before they buy' if you require a new saddle. I qualified as an equine massage therapist  
(EBW) 10 years ago and have been assisting sore horses ever since. I work with a  
combination of massage movements and stretches to assist your horse.  

Saddle-fitting and equine massage work intrinsically together to ensure your horse has a  
back and body free from pain, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your riding.

                            Panui Plant

OMG Such an awesome lady and very very helpful.  
Cannot recommend Sarah enough. She came out to my  
place today to help me fit my boy who I have gone  
through 4 saddles already with and tried her saddles  
to see which were the best fit. She also stood out in the  
pouring rain ( thank goodness it was warm ) with the  
umbrella to see how both my horse and myself looked  
and moved. She was very helpful with all our questions  
and explaining everything about what was wrong or  
right with the saddles. You will not be disappointed  
getting Sarah to help with your saddle fitting.
                             Ann Martin

A huge thank you Sarah Holt for taking the time to fit my  
Arabian mare with 2 different saddles today. You allowed  
me plenty of time to try both saddles, your expertise on  
saddle fitting and how I was feeling in the saddle was  
second to none. I can't recommend Sarah enough
                            Astill Tiga Sarah

WOW!! Such an amazing morning with the amazing Sarah  
Holt. So professional and knowledgeable.....horses and  
their riders will be forever grateful for your services!!!  
So grateful and excited to get the WintecLite for me and  
                              Jayne Riley

Absolutely thrilled with the work Sarah has done in  
fitting our mares saddle. It's those tiny adjustments that  
can have a huge impact - not only on the horse but also  
the rider. Sarah has a great eye and it helps that she is  
also an equine body worker and can see issues that are  
caused by the horse, by the saddle, by conformation, by  
soreness. Sarah was able to give us insight into helping  
the mare find comfort. Can't believe I've found a  
relatively local saddle fitter that actually knows what  
they are doing. Thanks Sarah.
                            Kelly Deakin

Sarah just left my place and I can't stop smiling because  
of the job she has done with my saddle and with how my  
horse feels now the saddle is fitting correctly! My saddle  
has been quite tricky and Sarah has worked her way  
through all the problems it had. I am now sitting in a  
much better position and the horses shoulders are feeling  
free. I am super excited to get back into work knowing  
that my horse now has a saddle that fits and doesn't  
pinch. Thank you so much Sarah!!
Sarah Holt BSc. (Hons) Zoology, MSc., EBW
Trained and Accredited by :